Friday, September 01, 2006

Yes, life is unfair

Sometimes, throughout the day, I would think about different things that lead to comparing me with people. Things like; how come my good friend now has a great job, he owned a house, even got a side business and he only got a diploma. And I don’t feel good of my own life, felt like I have no control to make it better. I thought this is unfair. Then sometimes I would start to irrationally judge others; how come this ugly man ends up with such a beautiful and lovely woman. Sometimes, I would wonder how come this manager manages terribly but he got promotions frequently. Sometimes I would even think how come people of my age they still have their parents to take care of them but my dad passed away early. When I think back, I have many regrets. I felt that I have missed out on many good relationships. Relationships which if I had put in some effort then, I know I could have held them till now. I’m glad that the Bible and the church taught me many things to appreciate things in life now. I learnt how to build great relationships, how to love, how to encourage, how to handle disputes. I started to understand the mighty love of God. How it’s much better to give than to receive. I would encourage you to read the Bible in Mathew 18:21-35, it talks about Jesus sharing a parable regarding how a Master initially wants to punish a slave for not settling his huge debts. But as the slave knee down to beg for mercy, the master decides to show great compassion and cancel the servant’s debt and let him go. But when the servant went off and saw a fellow servant who owns him a tiny sum, he threatens him to pay back. But this fellow servant decides to knee down and beg for mercy. The servant refused mercy and throws this fellow servant to prison. When the master founds out, he summoned the servant and threw him back to prison to be tortured. Other than learning about great compassion and mercy here and also to show forgiveness to others, I also learnt something else. The forgiven servant was still thinking what his fellow servant owned him. He was so consumed with the unfairness that he forgotten that he actually had just been forgiven and debts canceled by his master! When we compared with others, many times we would think about if this situation is fair to us, most likely it would not be fair. If everyday, we keep thinking about what’s fair or unfair to us, we will end up bitter about every little thing. Focusing on these throughout the day, our mind and heart don’t even have space for other things. I believe people can fall into depression just because of this. Basically I thought there’s no such thing as fair or unfair in this world, it’s just an illusion. Definitely, the son of God, Jesus dying on the cross for the world is totally unfair to Him. And also how many times would you remember people being nice to you but actually they may be doing something unfair to someone else so just to be “fair” to you. People are always thinking of their own interest first. But I am still learning to put others’ interest above me, definitely trying my best to put God’s interest as number one. So never judge others, or compare them to you, we made our life more difficult when we try to play judge. Everyone has a different life and background so leave the judgment to God. Just learn to be contended with what you have and show compassion to others. Whatever blessings coming your way, knowing that these are God’s blessings. You would feel much better and more motivation to move on in life. I wish you all the best!



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