Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The Most Compatible Undead Couple!

Don't we just look great! I thought we are the most compatible undead couple at the Halloween party. I thought the next most scary couple in place is probably ... hmm there's isn't, haha! It's just great that my wife has many undead sisters that night to accompany her. They have such a blast. While the party is on going, they are simply "floating" at the back to take their "horror" shots. Just attracted too much attention. For once we felt like some undead celebrity. Non-stop photo taking by different people. You guys just look through your facebook lah.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Suffering for Christ

Now I'm trying for the second time using a gadget on iGoogle to post a blog. Quite cool but just that it may refreshes and clear away what you have written, so better save it in time.

Today I was reading 1 Peter 2, basically talking about suffering is part of Christian living but often many would like to take this out. When I was a young Christian, I did not give much thoughts about suffering for Christ. I thought life would be much better since now I am following a Godly set of "rules and regulations" - the Bible. But the Bible actually will challenges our faith and courage when we seriously put it into practice eg. loving one another. Many times I caught myself thinking, why do I have to disciple this person? I seems like I always get all the baddies in church, haha. A good test on how closely we are following Jesus is how loudly we complain when we are asked to do more or even sacrifice. I should thank God for the tough people in my life. They are the ones to make me stronger and prompt me to be closer to God. Tough people and situations take my spiritual life even higher that is if I go to God more for strength and wisdom.

Of course, I could take it with a lousy attitude, complaining, grumbling. Though it's easier this way but life won't get any better. People tend to stop sacrificing 'cos of pain and selfishness. They think more of themselves before giving to others. I think if no one would to give and sacrifice but rather fighting for our wants then this world is just going to end really soon or your life is just not going to be very "nice". Just what kind of example do you want to show to people around you. I thought of the "sufferings" I have as a Christian is really nothing compare to Jesus. Since Jesus suffered this way for us, we really have no excuses for not accepting any kind of discipling from God. I thought it's better to quickly repent from discipling from people rather than waiting for God's ulitmate discipling. Just pray and trust God for the lessons He's going to bring into your life. I leave us with this verse 1 Peter 2:23.

"When they hurled their insults at him, he did not retaliate; when he suffered, he made no threats. Instead, he entrusted himself to him who judges justly."

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Looking around for a condo in Seremban, Malaysia

As some of you might know, June and I have decided to do missionary work in Seremban, Malaysia. Probably for at least a year or two. I thought it's really good for us, no matter in our love for people, our spirituality, our family planning or even our current city-life-stress-intake, there's just pros for all (even to avoid the loud noises from our flat lift upgrading). Anyway, we were in Seremban trying to look for a condo to rent. The idea is that it must be safe, convenient, and has great facilities like a BBQ pit, function room, swimming pool and gym, will be really good. But sad to say, since Seremban is a small town, there's not a lot of condo, since it make more sense for them to utilize their big land and build houses. So the condo we saw was not really impressive, I would say it's a super humble condo. There's a security, a small condo office, a swimming pool which actually the size of a children pool. There's no function room, BBQ pit needed to be rent at RM$100, no gym, a table-tennis table that needs to be set up. The condo is not very well maintained both on inside and the outside. The only 2 lifts looked old and slight vandalised. When we saw the apartment that we supposed to rent, it's decent but the owner already have a confirmed tenant coming in unless we give him a better offer than RM$1100 per month. Hmm, I thought let's move on, beside I don't really have a good feel and vision of friends coming here enjoying the fellowship here. We moved on to see more condo but when we went around, we realised there's not a lot of condo for rent, mostly for sale. So with no choice, we went to look for houses. There are many houses there but I'm only impressed with the one in Green Stream Estate. It fulfilled some of the criteria, like it's secure, hourly guard patrol, near to S2 Jusco shopping mall. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 toilets, a small garden, really cool. I can imagine the Singapore Christians coming over to stay, nice. I especially like the small empty field just 5 steps beside the house. I can imagine doing BBQ, funtime on the field, nice. Hopefully the neighbors would not mind the crowd if it gets too excited! Please pray for us that we can get this house!
From Seremban 0908

Friday, March 07, 2008

The Beginning of Me

I think this is the picture of me when I'm around 1 year old. I also think this is the oldest picture I have of myself. It's funny 'cos I always think that I'm not my parents' biological child just because I do not have any baby photo of myself. It's only recently that I manage to find this picture. Once I looked that this picture, some nice memories (and bad memories) started to flow back. I remembered my old flat at Clementi. The texture of my sofa and that yellowish curtain. It's so retro and 'in' then. Of course, it's the 80's! I actually remembered that T-shirt I'm wearing and that striped pyjamas pants. I thought my father always like to buy me anything that has to do with heroes, not some kiddish spunch bob square pants like now. Probably my dad wants me to be some hero. There's actually another picture of me sitting in a bambo chair where I can properly have my meal, 'cos at the same time, I'm tied to the chair. I think I was really active when I'm that small but I thought who isn't!