Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The crocodile hunter is died

Steve Irwin, the famous Australian Crocodile hunter was pronounced died yesterday due to deadly stung by a stingray. You can always found Steve on reptitle shows on Animal Planet. Never imagaine he would die at 44. Though I don't know him personally but everyone can sense his passion and zeal over those animals. Haven't seen someone like him probably except Tarzan. I always thought he would probably be betrayed by his "close friends" the crocs, and bitten to death, never woulf I thought he would die by an animal which Singaporeans love to eat so much. Sometimes I wonder why passionate people always die young like Bruce Lee and Jesus, well, basically you will never know what will happen to anyone, no matter passionate or not. So treasure whatever you have now and take time to appreciate your love ones and seek the truth before you can't. I wish the best for his family, his wife and his young children. May God speed His love to them.

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