Friday, September 08, 2006

Run away disciples

As my wife is enjoying her time at the Singapore Idol Live, I'm siting in a bible study with Raymond. This time round we were at Upper Thomson Road. We tried the Kampong Chicken House for dinner, I thought the chicken skin is abit artificially yellow and the meat is tender. Kampong chicken meat is supposed to be tough. Luckily, the chili and the ginger is nice, wonderful. The point is we had a great time even we are going to talk about serious issue on the Bible. I'm glad other than Raymond, even I learnt a great deal on the Book of Jonah again. I felt it's the most amazing book in the Old Testament because you can really see God's unconditional love here. The study was deep and heart-cutting. It was so deep until Justin was super deep in thoughts, ha! He kinda look like Dolly the fish here or even Old Master Q's good friend, Mr Qin! Anyway, Justin is an awesome brother, had some tough time but chose to come back to God. Admire his heart and may God bless those run away disciples who chose to turn back to You!

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