Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Today is Jason Ong's birthday

Happy Birthday, Mr Ong! Just want to use a small space in this blog to share something about this brother. Hmm, what to share about him... He is an interesting guy, has a wanderlust-ing nature (but trying him to urge him to settle down). Sometimes really thoughtful towards sisters (e.g. the plain looking notebook he bought for Y... has a story). Sometimes he is totally not sensitive, Kathy and Joyce definitely can relate. Anyway, overall he's a nice guy, someone who has done quite a bit for God and His church. Now please pray for him to be passionate of his life again other than passion over that candlestick. Bro, I think you can do much more than now, you definitely have the energy, the wisdom, all the strength, you just need to leave N.A.T.O. and seek yourself less. God will bless. Take a step at a time, progress is more important than perfection. And you definitely have all the friends to back you up and help you. Because of your friendship, Justin managed to come back to church, it's amazing what's more God can do through you! Cheers! Last but not least, attached a video of Jason taking picture of his travel doll. Isn't it sad to hear of a man and his doll? Sounds like Mr.Bean. Please sisters, try your best to encourage him!

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