Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Singapore Idol 2006

Surprisingly I was at the Singapore Indoor Stadium last night to witness the "crowning" of the next Singapore Idol. I'm not a super fan of any of the contestants but I do noticed something simiar between the previous final and this year's. It's a competition between a Malay and a Chinese again and the Chinese lost again. And I thought, these people don't really get it especially the young chinese girls. Anyway, I thought Jonathan was much better than Sly. I believe even he got second, he will be offered a contract and he will definitely do better than Hady. Because of the music market he is penetrating. Hady and Taufik probably just emigrate to Indon or Malaysia, they will be soon forgotten by all these cutsy little chinese girls. It was funny last night 'cos got one of the Channel 8 reporter interviewed me regarding Jonathan. Think she had a hard time finding someone to interview 'cos she was at Hady's fan area and also many can't speak proper mandarin, ha! Anyway, she asked me why I support Jonathan. For the first NG, I said "因为我们都是华人!" haha! Then kena cut and ask me to try again. So I gave a very professional and political correct answer, and they say I said it very well. Thank you. After living in Singapore for 27 years, I have learnt the game. So I hope the rest will do too.I don't think I will appear on TV since Jonathan lost, anway it's not my first interview. All the best Jon and ...Hady! Hey Taufik, you still go to Tampines Mall now?

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