Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Today is Jason Ong's birthday

Happy Birthday, Mr Ong! Just want to use a small space in this blog to share something about this brother. Hmm, what to share about him... He is an interesting guy, has a wanderlust-ing nature (but trying him to urge him to settle down). Sometimes really thoughtful towards sisters (e.g. the plain looking notebook he bought for Y... has a story). Sometimes he is totally not sensitive, Kathy and Joyce definitely can relate. Anyway, overall he's a nice guy, someone who has done quite a bit for God and His church. Now please pray for him to be passionate of his life again other than passion over that candlestick. Bro, I think you can do much more than now, you definitely have the energy, the wisdom, all the strength, you just need to leave N.A.T.O. and seek yourself less. God will bless. Take a step at a time, progress is more important than perfection. And you definitely have all the friends to back you up and help you. Because of your friendship, Justin managed to come back to church, it's amazing what's more God can do through you! Cheers! Last but not least, attached a video of Jason taking picture of his travel doll. Isn't it sad to hear of a man and his doll? Sounds like Mr.Bean. Please sisters, try your best to encourage him!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Long Day

I felt so tired today. Went all the way to customer's site in Tuas to setup a Cisco router and a network camera in a warehouse. My job is just to configure the router but my cable vendor has a tougher job of laying the cable. Initially had a tough time setting up the internet then realise the ISP got the static IP and gateway wrong, what in the world! Wasted my time. Anyway, glad it's over. Now in Kovan, somewhere in NorthEast of Singapore. Don't think I ever come here before. It's a small town, quiet, nothing much, with a small mall called HeartLand Mall. Now in McDonald surfing net, blogging my day down since I'm waiting for the rest to come. Gonna have a Bible Study later, hope this friend will open his heart for God again. So sad that his insecurity has caused him to have lots of doubts in many things in life. His life is full of questions but no actions. Sometimes I'm also like him, think too much, ask too much irrational questions, thinking these are some deep philosophies but actually are all crap. I'm slowly converting my thoughts and questions into deeds. It's not easy but I'm glad that God has somehow lead me to Him and that I have made a stand to seek Him. Much more to learn in life. BTW I want to welcome a new life, Jolyn, daughter of Weiwen and Eileen! Congratulations! Now Weiwen you can train both your arms, ha!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Acne Outbreak!

I'm sad to hear that Sasha was involved in an accident but thank God she is discharged from the hospital now after 4 days. You can encourage her at Anyway, I'm also sad about ny face's condition recently. There's a pimples, acne outbreak on my forehead and I don't know why. I never had such an outbreak before and my skin condition has been good just slightly oily but still smooth. It just happened 2 weeks ago. Pimples started to appear on my forehead. I thought they would go away and so didn't bother since I'm always using facial wash. But they didn't go away and they got worse. I squeezed them and washed them but next moment they appeared in another place. Then I bought Oxy 10, maximum power, spread them all over my forehead, clean and apply for a few days but it doesn't get better. Then I was told to use Tea Tree Oil, hehe, my wife has a few tea tree oil gel stick and I apply them, it did slightly better but still not good enough. I was really tired over this war with acne. I knew there are people who fought with them their whole life and even lost terribly. But I am not going to give up so I decided to start analyse what could possibly be the cause. My diet is healthy, not oliy. I'm not stress during this period. I exercise recently so my blood circulation is good. So it may be my bedsheets, or some 2years old sun-block that I put on my face recently. So yesterday I changed my bedsheet, bought a medicated anti-acne facial foam by Sebamed. And I will keep applying the tea tree oil and I hope my face will turn for the better. If anyone has a similar situation, please share some tips here. Thanks!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Genpets real?

I got a friend who sent me an email today regarding a bio-engineered animal selling as a pet. Looking at the title of the email, I thought this must be some spam crap but after going to the main site, the site looks pretty impressive ( They have a 20pages reseller catalogue, FAQs, Support & Warranty. To me, the picture of the packaged genpet looks like a frozen chiwawa. The site claims it's in hypernation, waiting to be released! Here's what the site says " Are Genpets Real animals? How? Genpets are living, breathing mammals. Bio-Genica is a Bioengineering Company that has combined, and modified existing DNA to create the Genpets lineup. Genpets have blood, bones, and muscle; they will bleed if you cut them, and die if mistreated just like any other animal. The electronic components are only in the packages and are for basic life support, outside of the packages the Genpets are wholly organic. "
Before I thought man, this world is going crazy, I found this site ( so it says it's a hoax. I really believe its a hoax. Can't imagine there are such things running around, at least I pray that God would not allow such things to happen, imagine next time your maid comes in a plastic! Ha!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Customer Service

I just came back from Hong Kong and it was a great trip. Though it was really hot there, 33°C and it’s dry hot, not much wind, so you can really feel the burning heat, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves. I saw tones of tourists in Hong Kong especially most came from China. I’m amazed by their spending power. Hong Kong’s customer service was fantastic. Even a small shop could have good service. I’m very impressed by their Giordando’s service; their staff is even equipped with walkie-talkie to communicate with each other. They are friendly, efficient, patient and giving very good advice. Compared to Singapore, totally no fight. Our sales assistants are quite stiff and not genuinely sincere, either you can say they are not trained by their boss, or they simply are not happy with what they are not doing(refer to my previous post), or you can say because many of them are from our neighbor up north so they just can’t be bothered. I thought it was quite stupid for Channel 5 to do a program to test our customer service, everyone knows our customer service is bad or its robotic. The show will of course portray the better ones. Even our PM is encouraging the customer service to have an identity, ‘cos we only know how to say “what can I do for you”, simply robotic. I sometimes wonder why I’m also like this. Is it how Singaporeans are brought up or simply because this society here runs in a legalistic and robotic way following the military. Maybe we can try to find out the root reason why Singaporeans are always not genuinely happy, probably this root reason may also be the cause of low Chinese birth rate here, lack of creativity, tons of office bullies, am I just jumping into conclusion? Let me know what you think.



Thursday, August 24, 2006

Keep fit!

Don't feel like talking about politics today, so I would share the stats with you when I feel like it, or you can read about it at . Today I just feel like I need to stick to a workout routine so that I can keep fit and consider fit by the age of 30. I'm 27 now, age is catching up and so is illness. I'm happy with the swim and tennis game I have with David and Justin every saturday but I thought I need to be more tough on myself, anyway I'm "Bruised". Thus I'm going to re-read my many Bruce Lee's materials and also this new Vincent Ng's Ten that I just bought. I hope I can find some motivation and inspiration. I hate my love-handles and flappy tummy. I need to tonne up and strengthen all my muscle groups, especially my lower back, I don't want to be so weak when I'm old. And please pray for my knees not to give way when I start my jog again. Hate to run but it's good for me. I remember I just learn a verse that talk about this, Deut 10:12-15. BTW I love the recent deep teaching on the Bible that my church is having. It's challenging for both my brain and heart but you know what, just like my physical training, it's all for my own good!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My other talent

My other talent. Use to think of been a cook but just not good enough. But muffins are not as difficult as what you think.

Need a little encouragement

hopefully this time, I can easily and openly express my thoughts. Thus I need a little encouragement or we all need some form of encouragement everyday. Cheer up!