Friday, September 15, 2006

Keep praying and changing

Life has been quite boring or should I say, just feel so little energy yet there’s like thousands of things to do. I hate to feel lethargic or even lazy. Probably it’s normal since I’m making some decision to seriously change a few areas in my life. Especially the harvest month is coming; I need to get my heart right. I hope I can move on to a more positive and spiritual self and pulling my wife along. She’s awesome, I love her very much! Seeing her so depressed recently really saddens me but I’m changing my associations in my head so that I can think straight rather than been even more negative, also to rely and trust God more. Im glad I got time to pray with Steven and Jason for Semed and Tracy. It’s really not easy for them. Pray for their first child to come out of ICU, healthy and strong. God speeds!



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