Monday, September 11, 2006

June is discouraged

Man, it's not easy working with such a lousy boss. Many times, probably you would think maybe the person is not capable. But in my wife's situation, most or all of her department colleagues just feel so down of themselves. The boss has been so mean and demanding and that's why I say, he's worse than the devil in prada! Anyway, it's not easy being the husband of a victim of an office bully. I only can keep encouraging her and pray with her, listening to her. Of course we can't plot any form of revenge but I know God will deal with the wicked and the unrighteous at the right time. Of course, I also need to provide the kind of love and encouragement June needs. It's not easy that's why even I myself also have to pray about it since I'm a sinner not a superman. I need to find sources of motivation and strength. So people, please pray for my wife to be strong. No point praying for fairness, there's no such thing, especially even Jesus commands us to pray and love our enemeies! So I'm now pushing myself through another stage of discipline and spirituality, I'm looking forward to upgrade to Bruce ver 27.7!

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