Friday, September 29, 2006

Ringtone that adults can't hear?

Recently on Singapore TV, there's a commercial about downloading a ringtone for your mobile phones which adults can't hear. I thought why would adults can't hear it, shouldn't it be the other way round. Kids tend to hear much lesser things, haha! Mr Brown (from Singapore) from proves it in his podcast by coming out with a ringtone which kids can't hear it. Check it out at by downloading here. Anyway, as of the ringtone that adults can't hear, it's actually a high pitch sound where many adults failed to hear due to some weakening of our hearing muscles. Luckily I still can hear it, I'm already 27, so am I still a kid? Ha! Usually you can find this high pitch sounds in mosquitoes repelling devices or even at shops that want to shoo away the kids. But I don't know how the kids are able to modify this high pitch sound to become a cool ringtone. So here it is, Ringtone Adults Can't Hear!

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