Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Devil don't wear Prada here

Glad my wife is asleep now so I can spend some time to write. Talking about my wife, I remembered we just watched "The Devil Wears Prada" on saturday. My wife felt so relatable to the show. The story talks about a new staff, Andy(girl) started work in a top fashion magazine firm. She was the second assistant to the super-powered editor Miranda. Throughout the show, Miranda made alot of ridiculous requests. Along the way, Andy decide to really meet up to her challenges and became a totally new person. She was really good in her job, better than the first assistant but later realised she lost her boyfriend and also herself. Till a certain point, she realised this is not what she wanted and quit her job. I thought the boss was mean but she was not as mean as the many stories I heard from those of Singapore bosses. Yea, Singapore you won the meanest boss in the entire world, aren't you proud?! Anyway, sad to say, the victims are usually women but the bosses can both be men and women. For those mean male boss, I'm really ashamed of you, such a lousy leader setting terrible example and somemore being mean to your staff, never admit your mistakes, ridiculous. But I always believe, what goes around, comes around. All the best to the mean bosses. To those victims, don't take what your mean(bully) bosses said or do personally or seriously, just laugh over their idiotic comments and their childish reaction. Ha!

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