Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Quiz on chapter 5

Man, quiz on chapter 5 of my church deep teaching series. This time really crack my head. I need to gather all my memory power ‘cos there so much to remember, dates, verses, events. Though I love Church history and theologies but the time is too little. Nevertheless, I’ll still give whatever I can, hopefully I’ll pass the quiz. But I’m proud of the new knowledge I gathered on Sinner’s Prayer. It’s amazing how this method is never in the Bible and only popularized in the 1940s yet so many people now, trust their salvation with it. I thought the world sure come out with a lot of crap even in the religious area. I hope I can make good use of the new knowledge I got. For those who wants to read on the history of Sinner’s Prayer, I hope more people would thirst more of the real truth!



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