Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Spoilt Brat

saw a spoilt brat the other day while I was at Plaza Singapura, Times Bookshop. This plump boy was like 9-10 years old. He was lying flat on the floor among two bookselves, reading comics! I was thinking how do you expect people to walk across or to even browse the books! BTW whose kid is this? Where's the mummy? A bookshop lady walked past and said,"I'm sorry but you can't lie down there". Imagine saying this to a kid! I can sense the agony 'cos if she were to use insensitive words, she might offend the boy's mum who might be nearby. The funny thing is I was there for 40 minutes but I still didn't see this boy's mum. As I was leaving, I saw this boy really excited ran back to the comics bookselves and guess what he did. He tore open the wrapper of a new comic book and took it back to his corner to read it. I can't believe it. I felt like grabbing this boy and scolding him, "do you have some manners?!", "你妈妈没教你吗?!" Totally ridiculous. I believed the mum probably go somewhere else and dumped the son there for some time. I thought the mum ought to teach her son. It shows today parents are probably not putting enough effort on teaching their children but more effort to earn money to give to their kids in term of education, material possessions and their big fat bellies! Watch out!

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