Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Young Japanese in Singapore

I had a great time just getting to know Yudai from the Tokyo church. It's amazing to see a young brother serving full time in the ministry. He is just one year my junior and he is going to be a father few months later. I'm even more amazed by his convictions to want to serve God's people in Japan. You know how hard it is there. People simply are distorted morally and spiritually there, thanks to the world and the weird culture, of course it's happening everywhere including Singapore, just read my previous post. Anyway, it's great that the Singapore church can do something to encourage them, I just did my part by just hosting him. It's like a student exchange program, ha! As what I shared the other time, that I would not bring a foreign friend to nice restaurant, serving international dishes. When you are in Singapore, the host should bring you to eat what the locals eat, experience the real thing. I think he really love the local dishes; fried carrot cake, fried kuay tiao, horlicks(ha!), tea agelia, ju kuay, peng kuay, assam stingray, fried chili sotong, Bedok bak chor mee, otak, aboling (dumpling soup), beef hor fun, fried rice, frog leg, venison(deer meat), baby kailan, ya kun kaya toast with butter. I thought he had alot of fun experiencing or experimenting so much different things. Yudai, if you are reading this, you probably can't associate these food name with the food you have eaten here, you have eaten so much, ha! One thing I have learnt is never bring a foreign friend to eat their local food out of their country. Yudai went to eat at Sake Sushi, (I did not bring him there) and he was humble not to strongly disgrace that restaurant, ha! Anyway he totally dislike the food there, can't even fight with the worst in Japan. Of course, Japanese food in Japan has one most important factor, it's super fresh, and the Japanese can taste the difference. I would love to eat fresh seafood everyday also but even though Singapore is surrounded by water, we don't have a lot of good seafood, just lots of jellyfish! The more he shared about Japan, the more I feel like going and even Alex told me flying to and fro Japan just $600 plus, wow! Now I just need to save up. It's like going to my childhood wonderland, the manga world! Of course, I did not stop thinking and praying for the people to be receptive to the word of God. I'm wondering how interesting it would be for me to evangelise there. Anyway, I hope he had a great time here in Singapore, he also played paintball here with the staff. I believed much unity have been forged within the Korean churches and great things are going to happen there. Of course, the Japan church is going to keep growing under Takeshi's leadership, keep praying. The last night in Singapore, we brought Yudai to eat the all time famous Bedok bak chor mee, the hawker centre at Bedok North Ave 4. He also tried all other BBQ seafood, hot and spicey, delicious! Few hours later, brought him to the airport to check in at 530am, so tired but hey, this is the family, it's pleasure to serve. Anyway, we had a good talk before he went in. I think we have build a great friendship 'cos of more similarities. We are both around the same age, wives same age and we are young! We both can do so much to help others, that's just remind me to keep my faith up, and do my very best. Brother, I will keep praying for you and your wife, all the best and God bless!

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