Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Raphael and Irene leaving the ministry

Raphael and Irene have decided to leave the Ministry. After much thinking and asking of advices, they made this decision themselves and hope the rest of us will respect their decision. The reason for them to leave the ministry is ‘cos of “family dynamics”. Initially, I couldn’t take it very well but after much praying and talking to people, I’m more resolved. It’s really sad to see them go. I could still remember 5 years back when they first came to lead the East. It was really a revolution. I think a lot of people really benefited from their leadership. I respected them a lot. I appreciated Raphael a lot, ‘cos he was there to understand me when my dad passed away and did my wedding, and help my wife and I to serve in the Seremban mission. There are just so much memories. And definitely I learnt much more from them. It’s really not easy to lead the East, a bunch of “Old and Wise” people. But they continue to persevere to love and lead us. Raphael and Irene broke the news last night and both cried and the rest of us also cry. It just shows how much friendship and love was there. All of us hope it would not end this way but who knows; it may be a great start for them in another direction. I hope they will continue to serve people in other places because they are just so hardworking and sacrificial. Their love and talent should continue to put into good use. I believe much more people elsewhere could benefit from their leadership. I hope we can all encourage them in our own ways of expressing gratitude.



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