Sunday, November 12, 2006

Friends from Hong Kong

Michelle and Jean were in town last week, but they took five days to rest in Lagawi. Still we managed to bring them out to experience Singapore. XinLai suggested to bring them to Muthu's Curry. I have not tried the Indian food there. When I was there, I was quite surprised to see a beautifully designed restaurant, nothing like an authentic Indian restaurant. Anyway, it's really not an authentic Indian restaurant, no wonder I don't see alot of locals there. I then realise it's not a very good idea to bring Hong Kong people to eat Indian curry especially to a place where the food is simply HOT but no fragrance. No wonder both of them were so quiet. The food is not that fantastic, and definitely I don't think I would bring my foreign friends there. Just because I like them to try the authentic and local way, the true experience. I would suggest you to do the same also when you have friends coming to your country. Next we bought them to Vivocity, one of the largest shopping mall in Singapore. It's not fully open yet but to me, it's just another shopping mall tough it claim to have one of the largest movie screen in Asia. But we were just walking and walking, I didn't buy anything, nothing really attractive. Then we had a drink in one place, can't even remember the name of the restaurant, ha! We tried out their drinks, June took the worst drink, ask her to describe to you. I would say it's like dirty drain water, take a look at the picture, ha! Anyway, we were really tired and Steven is not thinking very straight then, what was he doing in the picture. Anyway, Michelle is always very giving and helpful, always bring present for the Singapore Christians, of course, I also received my favourite Yeun Long's Loupo Ban from her all the time. Then she also gave June some the receipe to make Hong Kong's popular mango pudding desert, it's really very nice, the ingredients are from Hong Kong, can't get it in Singapore, so nice of her. Then Apple also made brownies for us, wah, I'm so happy, got my faourite loupo ban and rich chocolate brownies, awesome! I'm just wondering why are they still single, man, brothers you are a bit blind here, even Mathew also know not to miss a good cook and dated her. Ha! Anyway, I hope they had a great time staying at our place, we'll make sure they were feel more localised the next time they come. I'll get Jason to be in charge of this, ha! Hope to visit Hong Kong again, soon.


Ongster said...

Maybe they are single because they enjoy being single.

Justin said...

Yo! Keep it up.. jason!

Matthew 19:12

If only the one who can accept this should accept it! Can you? Ha! Later you fall in love, don't change your mind. :P
1 Corinthians 7:7-9

May be the time has not come?

Justin said...
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