Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Game of Mafia

Finally, I got some time to upload the video I took at my friends playing "Mafia". Well, to describe a bit about this game, it's a game to find out who's the Mafia or simply the murderer. I think this game came from the campus, 'cos it can be really time consuming at times. Basically, form a group of players. Depending on the size of the group, there needs to be at least one gamemaster, one Mafia, one doctor and one spy, the rest are simply civilians. These roles are determined by normal poker cards that will be given out and 3 cards to represent the 3 playable roles, Mafia, doctor and spy. At the begining of each round, the gamemaster will ask all to close their eyes and "go to sleep", he will call up the Mafia(s) to wake up and point out who to kill, next they go back to sleep, then call up the spy who to spy on, to see if that person is the mafia, then next the doctor to choose who to heal, then all close their eyes, then all open eyes and the gamemaster will announced if it's a peaceful night or terrible night where someone died. Then the game continue and open up for arguing and defending who's the Mafia, the majority can vote to kill the assumed Mafia, that person will die regardless if he's the mafia or not. The round will repeat again where all go to sleep and the mafia choose who to kill and so on.
Anyway, I don't like this game, too long winded, people will always argue their guts out, can bring out alot of bad attitudes! I will always volunteered to be killed but no one always suggest me to be killed, ha! So here is the game we played few weeks back, where we played for 2-3 hours, I almost died watching them play, this group got so much to argue about, haiz. These people can't guess who's the real mafia, end up killing all the innocent, then they realise the two who looked the most innocent are actually the mafia! One is my wife and the other is Celine, amazing! I must say my wife is really good at acting. I actually have more exciting clips but I will surely be killed by Yvette if I post them up, so here's the more friendly video, ha!

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