Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Swing to Destruction!

I'm so tired tonight as I had 5 hours of over time plus I need to sent off Yudai this morning, learnt so much from him. I was just talking to him about the porno culture in Japan and it's really a challenge to be a Christian there and also to protect the younger generation. I was just talking to him about how Singapore government banned all porno magazines and heavily sensors and age-limits the movies. But I was shocked that a few hours later people was discussing on the radio regarding an article by Reuters.

It says that Singapore started to have a club where people meet, get to know each other and then have sex but some even come as husband and wife! The Chinese translation is "换妻具乐部" which literally means "change wife club"! I thought that people in Singapore are starting to get really corrupted morally. I thought people will do anything to please their pleasures, sounded as if we are some brain-less wild animals. Some of these members even have a family! Much are living a double standard life. I hope I don't sound self-righteous but I seriously think this is not right. The news just reported that is an increasing number of AIDS victims here, more than a thousand have died, more to come. Of course, not forgetting, a climbing divorce rate. I thought how important we need to emphasis on moral education, but as a Christians, I would suggest you find a good church to teach your whole family the Bible and see what the Bible says. Even then, I also need to guard myself against much temptations arising everywhere now. Lately I'm thinking how can I be on the offensive side rather be on the defensive side, I mean spiritually. Not as if I'm going to start a movement to stop all these clubs.

Well, I definitely do hope that the government can do something since the Police so far can't find complaints to take actions against these clubs. But I think there are much work to be done here, not just to do "fire fighting". We need to educate the younger generations correctly and of course keep emphasis on family life education. I'm so glad that HOPE WORLDWIDE has something here to help families, and of course not forgetting the Movie Therapy. I really do hope that something can be done, for now I'll keep praying and talking to the brothers about such temptations. All these also reminded me to be so appreciative of my wife, and spending more time with her. Don't take your marriage for granted, it's God's blessings! If you really love your wife and people around you, have some indignation against such devilish conducts and thoughts!

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