Thursday, November 02, 2006

Gray hair: To pluck or not to pluck

I don't know what is your stand about gray hair. Some have deep convictions not to pull each and any one of them. They believe that if they pull the gray hair, it will still grow back and worse, more will appear. So they will rather "die" than to have their gray hair pulled out. I belong to the group where it's better to pull your gray hair. I think I'm the lucky one. Even I have gray hair, it's really little. I just pull it away and there won't be anymore for a long while. But I also found out that it is possible for some people that even when they pull out their gray hair, it will grow again, even if they pull it away the second, third time. Sad to say, if you keep pulling your hair, your new hair will be thinner and weaker, easier to drop. But if you don't get rid of that one gray hair or a bunch of them, it really make you look so "not pretty". I knew a few people that their gray hair are really messy, 'cos those gray hair are spoilt and fuzzy. I thought for guys is easier, just make a decision to shave all your hair off and take good care of your scalp, hopefully beautiful black hair will grow. For ladies, I think it's better for you to still pluck them up, watch your diet, control your emotions, maintain stress free, and excercise regularly. But if the gray hair is in the family genes, then try live with it, adopt a gray hair fashion by dying all your hair gray or white! Anyway, these are wild suggestions but to have a bunch of gray hair can really make you look sloppy, don't look your age and also don't look very confident. It's just my opinion. Try adopting it!

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