Saturday, November 04, 2006

So good to have friends

It was a long day today, now it's coming to an end, now I'm just lying down on my sofa watching the Liverpool game. I was out the whole day, also bringing the HK sisters around, I hope they enjoyed themselves. But I'm glad to see Justin there. I was justing chating with him the other day on Skype and found out that he was a bit emotional about things, plus a bit of feeling overwhelmed. I think at times we have all felt the same when many things in our life don't go the way we wanted, all at the same time. I thought Justin was a great guy, a great friend and brother, he just need to learn to build up his confidence more and learn to express himself better. So he know how to voice out when he was denied sleep till 4am, ha! Anyway he was rewarded today, but still he wanted to voice out by singing karaoke but bro, not today, I sure accompany you next week if you still want to sing. I'm sure there are some sisters who want to come along also, ha! But I learn to treasure friendship here and not take anyone for granted. It is so good be in this family, where we have great brothers and sisters all around the world. BTW I hope by now Zhiwei already have proposed to someone to be his girlfriend, else this is the tip. Congrats!

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