Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Treasure your love ones

June left for Malacca for work and supposedly to come back today for a day but received her call just now, sais she need to extend her stay for one more day. I start to miss her even for a day. Initially I thought a day without her is nothing, but I start to feel uneasy. Even if I were to spend time with a close friend, it cannot replace my time with my wife. For the husbands out there, do you feel the same when your wife is not around. Few months back, June went to Sydney for work for a few days and I felt totally weird and strange all over, like something is wrong. I did alot of things with my friends, till Jason was like saying he need time on his own, ha! I took too much time from others. Sometimes, husbands just took their wives for granted but I must say I always treasure my wife alot even we are coming three years in our marriage but still miss her alot when she's not around. I hope it will always stay this way, I mean the feelings, not that she always have to travel for work. How come I'm not the one travelling. It makes me think how valuable time with the family is. It's simply priceless! OK, I'm going to work towards the goal of having the luxury to spend more time with family in the future. This would be one of the greatest blessing from God! Treasure your love ones today!

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