Sunday, November 19, 2006

Congrats to WeeChung and Serene!

Attended WeeChung and Serene’s wedding yesterday or actually few hours back. Finally both are married, thinking both are my seniors, they definitely have me and my wife’s blessings. I think this is the first time I attended a church wedding in the evening. I must say it’s quite refreshing. WeeChung booked the Straits Hall which is the bigger hall in the building, so as to “contain” his students, ha! WeeKeong ministered his brother’s wedding and Chiping is the translator in Mandarin. There were also a few contemporary performances, really classic, really jazzy, and not bad, I quite like it. I’m happy to see Dylan and Miki there. Hope they have been doing fine. Wish they would be happy to join the church more often. Anyway, wish all the best to WeeChung and Serene’s marriage and welcome to another stage of life, welcome to the club, the real thing, your journey has just started! Cheers!



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