Monday, November 20, 2006

Con-job Surveyors

I was just walking home from the MRT after finishing an unexpected OT when I saw a group of "surveyors". Come on, give me a break, I felt like I'm trying to beat through a few thick walls. The bunch of young men and ladies looked totally harmless, well dressed, big smiles but I really hate it 'cos I know their "evil" agenda, to get your number. They pretend to do a simple survey, asked some questions and in the end ask for your number. Some of the questions could be those of financial and insurance planning. So once they got your numbers, either they will follow on you to promote any insurance products or they got their sales counterparts to do the calling. Some may even sell your numbers to other marketing companies or banks that really want to sell you any form of insurance or investment instruments. I hate it when they keep calling you, now you know how those sales people got your number and keep calling you. Jason was really funny when he was stopped by one of these people. He asked the girl if he can do the survey without giving his number, ha! Guess what's the response. So next time you can either fool these people or try playing with them. But I just show them my palm or my cool look. One even asked me, "你是不是Malaysian?", what's that for?!

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