Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Win this race for yourself! 1Corinthains 9

1Cor 9:24-25 Apostle Paul talks about running in a race. He says when you run in a race, run in such a way that you may win. Everyone wants to run a certain race to win a certain thing that they desire. However Paul urges us to win the race that will award us eternity. I think running in any sort of race, takes some if not, a lot of training and as what the Bible says, exercises some form of self-control in all things. And when you are in a race, be focus on what it takes and what are you aiming for. Don't run aimlessly.

I'm thinking of this race that Paul is talking about. The race to eternity, an everlasting place in heaven. Paul is very focus, he makes sure that everything he does, contributes to being able to go to heaven. Does that mean that it takes only works to reach God? I don't think so but he wants to make sure that he don't fall from this precious grace that God has given us through his son Jesus Christ. When we are baptised, we are saved, and it is then that God has prepared us much work to be done. Either to continue to work on our weakness, or preparing others for this race or simply to preach the word, share the good news. It's interesting that Paul at the end v27 says he have to discipline his body and make it his slave in order to really do the works of God. It sounds challenging yet in these days, hardly we heard anyone expecting much from themselves when it comes to serving God and others.

And that after Paul have preached to others, he make sure that he himself will not be disqualified for this race. I thought who has more credibility than any of these great apostles. Yet Paul don't see that preaching to others will automatically let him win this race, a ticket to heaven. He made sure he also don't fall from grace. An example we can see an apostle who has fallen from grace is Judas Iscariot. This is really reminding me that my salvation is just my relationship with God alone. No amount of preaching, evangelising, baptism will draw God closer to me, it is simply my daily quiet time with Him. How much time do I spend each day with God, praying to Him, reading the Bible? How personal am I with God? I hope you understand, on top of our quiet time, we still have to serve God and people, it work hand in hand.

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