Monday, September 07, 2009

Relate, love and serve selflessly - 1Corinthians 9

1Cor 9:19-23 Many great leaders, either of a country or a company, has made many great speeches and have won some followers. They potrayed as someone with great power and authority, and everyone looks up to them. However some may feel that these great leaders are not easy to approach. Yet in the eyes of these great leaders, how many people under them are they able to relate to, to reach out to?

Apostle Paul described himself here that in order to relate to people, he becomes like one of them. He's not necessary referring to the physical outlook nor doing the same thing, but rather the experience he's drawing upon, he's trying to empathize with the people. To a slave, he becomes like a slave. To someone weak, he becomes weak. He did his best to relate and empathize with these people. That doesn't mean he joins them in their mistakes or sin. He's always reaching out to people and hopefully he might win some over. Though it seems like a lot of effort but little result but many onlookers and followers are convicted and inspired by his Jesus-like attitude, and would choose to follow and do likewise. Thus many would benefit and would follow the ways of Christ.

However, how many church leaders would actually ask their members to join them, to humble themselves, stood lower, to reach out and serve more people around them. How many people are really inspired by the life of a servant. Even I felt difficult many times and I struggled greatly to love and serve selflessly. May God bear with my weakness yet prosper what I do in my service.

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