Sunday, September 06, 2009

Unimpressive Recipes - Proton Saga Spaghetti

We had a long night of entertaining friends and of course there's lot's of food and thus some raw ingredients were left uncooked. As today is Sunday, we would love to go out and have a good meal. However I realise that our car is not starting up. It's starts to behave like an old car, coughing up but not starting. Weird, and so we are kind of stuck at home. Then June remembered that there's some left over ingredients where we can cook them for dinner. There's tomato carrot, celery and packet of spaghetti and few chunks of frozen fried chicken. And thus i begin to start up my creative mind. As lazy as I am, I decide to fried everything together. June told me to mix tomato paste with whip cream, this is a great idea. First I begin to chop up garlic, onion, celery and carrot. Next boil water to cook the spaghetti, remember to add olive oil and salt into the pot of boiling water. While the spaghetti is still cooking, heat up the wok, around 3 tablespoon of olive water. Once the oil is hot, throw in the chopped garlic and onion. Once the fragrance is out, throw in the chopped carrot and celery. After a minute, throw in a tablespoon of basil and oregano. The fragrance is getting stronger, after another 2 minutes, throw in half a can of tomato paste. Stir fry a while, then pour in a small cup of whip cream, until the color of the sauce turn orange. Start to add in salt to season until the taste is right. After 10 minutes, throw in the spaghetti and stir fry. Once the sauce is evenly stir fry on the spaghetti, it is ready to be served. I shall name this pasta, "Proton Saga Spaghetti". This umipressive receipe may serve you well when your car broke down. It sure taste delicious to us! Enjoy!

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