Saturday, September 12, 2009

Love is the most important gift - 1 Corinthians 13

In 1 Cor 12, Paul concludes by saying he will now show us the most excellent way. And the whole of next chapter is dedicate to talking about love. I'm impressed that Apostle Paul, a single man, a church persecutor turned apostle described love in such details and truth. I think this chapter has been quoted so often, we can see it everywhere.  Yet, I still think this passage on love is so well written compared to so many other description on love I have read.

I have no doubt that only God could inspire a single man to write this. God wants us to really understand love, His kind of love, the love that goes through in the church, the love that spreads outside the church, the strength, the perseverance, such patience, such kindness, such belief and trust. The faith it provides, the security which everyone wants. Such selflessness and servanthood. Love never fails! And definitely, God is love. It's truth that we have not seen anyone who loves like God except the son of God, Jesus Christ.

It's quite clear to understand that God is talking about love in the whole of chapter 13. Not about tongues of angels, it doesn't mean there's any. After talking about the spiritual gifts in chapter 12, Paul is trying to tell the christians don't focus on comparing the different gifts. We should desire greater gifts. And no matter what happens, love will always be here, even in afterlife, in heaven. I truly believes it's not always easy to love in all situations. Yet this is the challenge God wants us all to carry. To spread his love, to spread his gospels. Still I wonder has everyone in the world heard of God's love. I doubt so. Many times when I wanted to share my faith, I caught myself being distracted about my own problems or focusing on what could bring me more pleasures. And definitely sharing my faith does not come like my second nature. I need to work on this. I hope everyone will soon heard of God's love and share the love around. Everyone deserve to have a personal relationship with God.

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