Friday, September 04, 2009

Expel any sin in you! 1 Corinthians 5

Apostle Paul was condeming any form of sexual immoral act especially within the church. He was really serious and expects the church to expel the brother. I believe expel means out of the church fellowship and defninitely out of church membership. It's possible that even in the church, someone who's baptised can also be sexual immoral. And probably at that time in the Corinth church, there are quite a few of such people. And this problem is getting a bit out of hand, probably may have affected the Christians in the church. I believed even in this 21st century, sexual immoral sin is still at large today, just that people are not open about it, till the consequences strike. There are husbands going for someone's wives, dating couples have pre-marital sex, homosexual act. Imagine all these can be going on in a church, just because there are hidden sin, people are not open about it. Just as verse 6 "a little yeast works through the whole batch of dough" Yeast is being used by Jesus as a symbol of sin. It shows sin can start really small and insignificant like a human though. Our thoughts can arouse lust and evil thoughts, our hearts are decitful according to the bible. Any secret and unopen thoughts can be snowballed into actions whose consequences cannot be repair or undo. The lack of openness and church discipline and discipling, leads to such consequences. I hope I can urge more churches not to take this lightly. And definitely I have to ensure that I expel any sinful thoughts in me, and bring it to light. I'm glad that I have people who not just can advise me but sincerely care and listen to me, and help me, of course. This is the true church family.

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