Thursday, September 10, 2009

Unimpressive Recipes - Anmum Milkshake

June is already in the 6th month of pregnancy and it's getting really exciting. She consistently needs a higher daily intake of supplement and minerals both for herself and the baby and thus I bought Anmum Materna. From

"Anmum Materna™ is especially formulated for women who are pregnant or who are planning for pregnancy. Anmum Materna™ is high in Folate, which is important to maintain the growth and development of the foetus. Delicious tasting Anmum Materna™ also contains GA, SA, Calcium, Iron & other essential nutrients. It is an ideal supplement that will aid in maintaining the growth and brain development of your unborn baby."

BTW Anmum did not pay me to do this, they don't need to. There's no particular reason why we chose it. Probably because friends recommends it, it has a specific one for pregnant mums, and also it has chocolate flavor which June prefer over the original ones. It takes 5 scoops and half cup of water to make. Initially I used hot water, trying to stir hard for the milk powder to dissolve but no matter how long and how hard I stir, there would be some stubborn milk particles not dissolved. And June does not like those milk residue. At the same time, I realized June is not taking a separate calcium supplement that I bought for her. She don't like the taste.

And then it begins my unimpressive recipe again. I decided to make a Anmum milkshake, using just cold water or ice, with Anmum Materna, a spoon of Milo for better taste and the calcium powder supplement. Blend them with my cheap but poweful blender and wahlah my own Anmum milkshake! I poured it out but filter the foam. It looks rich and chocolate flavor taste great! The best thing is June loves it! And she is taking all the necessary nutrients happily and I'm happy too! You all can give it a try!

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