Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Use of Spiritual GIft - 1Cointhians 12

To my understanding, the church in Corinth has many disciples who are converted from pagan religions. And some of this pagan religions are attractive because they offer some form of miracles. I believe many of this pagan religion believers would feel good about showing off their miracle powers and probably many believers would even try to imitate to have the same "power". Probably having this miracle power would enable them to have some authority in that pagan sect.

However Apostle Paul is teaching the Corinth church about gifts from God. Different people will have different gifts. As I read through this few chapters, I can see Paul is really taking some effort to explain about "gifts" here. I believe Paul feels that many members of the Corinth church has a misconception about gitfts and thus led to him explaining the basic in details. He says there are many different gifts and everyone will have different gifts. E.g. like having the word of wisdom, teaching the word, healing, speaking in tongues, interpreting the tongues. And all these effects came from the same spirit. I guess if according to what Paul has said, you would see a well balanced of people contributing in different areas in a bible based church.

I'm glad that since I was baptised, I have been learning to take on different roles. First of all, is learning to take care of little children on Sundays, teaching them, discipling them. Then I was taught to take care of new Christian in a one on one way, guiding and helping them. These are teenagers and students. Then took part in choir and christmas caroling. Few years later, I learnt to lead a group of working singles adults, working hand in hand with the women side too. Then learned to go on stage to pray, make annoucements, do short sharing from the Bible. I would never imagine a introvert like myself would take the leap and be transformed by spirit of God. I see all these responsibilities and roles are a manifestation of the Spirit. I don't think that the spirit would only manifest to heal by laying hands and speak in tongues. However, even now a days, many Christians desire these two gifts more than the others. Just like the Corinth church, they have misunderstood the purposes of these gifts.

I'm sure one would understand what Paul is drving at if one would continue to read on to the next few chapters. What are the purpose of these gifts? Is there one gift more important or more powerful than the other? What's the most important gift among all these gifts. I will talk more the next time, going on to the next chapter. As in v31, Paul urges us to earnestly desire the greater gifts and he will show you a still more excellent way in the next chapter.

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