Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Singapore Smoking

Recently, the view in Singapore has been quite hazy because of thickening smoke. The smoke was blown over from the south. I’m sure many would know, it’s the “unpreventable” forest fire from Sumatra. This has been going on for years but nothing has be done. Sometimes, the smoke would be blown over to Malaysia, which could be worse. Anyway, the pollution measured 73 on the PSI (Pollutant Standards Index). The ranges from 0 – 50 is Good, 50 – 100 is Moderate, 100 – 200 is unhealthy, 200 – 300 is Very Unhealthy. So now its still moderate but many feel slightly discomfort. I don’t like the haze, smoke, it may not affect me too much, but the weather makes everyone so dull. One good thing is it probably brings down the temperature. Now because of the smoke, it gives an excuse not to jog, but I want to jog. But the advice given was that outdoor activities can still continue with no precaution. But I just hate it when everything seems so blur. The sea view outside my window is no longer clear. Hate it. Anyway, even during normal days, Singapore’s visibility is also not very clear. Every time whenever I sailed last time, I can see as if Singapore is covered in a dome of smoke. The sea is much clearer, can see stars at night but it’s quite difficult to see stars in Singapore. Probably it happens in most cities. I miss those days seeing star-filled skies in Tekong, out at sea or even in New Zealand.


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