Saturday, October 21, 2006

Concerts and Financial Seminar

I'm still not feeling very well. As I was trying to buy something Thursday night, I passed by the 7-eleven store and they had a poster of Chris Botti and some of Lisa Ono's brochure. They are both in town and are performing on 25th October, on the same day! I can't beileve it. I don't think many people in Singapore knows Chris Botti but his instrumental music is fantastic. I especially love his "When I fall in love" album, it's filled with relaxing jazz. His trumpet is really soothing. Every track is so nice. Get this album and you'll know. He is really good. Next is Lisa Ono, a Japanese who in Brazil. I love her Bossa Nova, her voice makes me really relax. I got this album "Lisa Ono Dans Mon Ile" from my wife as a present and I love it very much. There's no Japanese accent in her singing. And she really sings with a Latin feel, must be her upbringing in Brazil. Anyway, I would love to go to both of their concerts. But its all happenning on the same day, around the same time, but at different places, I can't split myself to watch both. I already have a headache. In the end I decide I'm not going for both, because I'm thinking to save up money to go this financial seminar with June. I think both of us need to hear such talks together to help us gain some knowledge on how to manage our family finance together on the same note. Though I don't know much about this couple, Mark & Karen Sixl-Daniell but ChannelNewsAsia recommends them, so we'll give it a try. Anyway the ticket is just $50 a person, not too expensive for a 3 hours financial talk. Those interested can let me know, we can go together. I have a short intro below from ChannelNewsAsia. Enjoy.

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