Thursday, October 12, 2006

New environment, New friends

I’m now outsourced to a new customer’s site for a month. Today was my first day there. Initially, I was wondering it’s going to be hard trying to mix into the current team of support there. The small team comprised of a woman and 2 men. Surprisingly, I was the youngest there, I think so. It’s been some time that I have been active in desktop support in an enterprise environment. It’s different from a small office environment, which I’m more confident in these 2 years. But the staff there is very helpful and friendly, I’m thankful for the help. Then I managed to strike up much conversation with the head of the small team. Found out that he stayed very near my church. Married with a coming 2 year old girl; and he’s also looking for childcare. Amazingly he’s open to the childcare in my church! I’m sure going to get whatever info he needs. His wife used to go to church but stopped after moving to Punggol. Now I’m thinking how I can invite them to come and have a look in my church. I pray something can work out, actually something already happened here, I just need to grab this opportunity to build up friendship. But strangely, both of us have things in common, we think something in common also; we were also in Navy before. These really make our conversation really interesting. Hopefully things work out. I’m quite happy today. It’s a great first day in a new environment. New environment may not always be bad, just remember this.



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