Sunday, October 22, 2006

I'm embarrassed

I felt so embarrassed that Liverpool lost tonight. Not because of losing but because that such an awesome club with so many talented players and a grand history can lose so terribly without a good fight. They can't even put up a good fight with Man Utd tonight. I know they probably may not win but the players already have given up since the game started. No fighting spirit, no inspiration, no motivation, no risk, no idea, simply lazy and down. Players are not moving, defenders not defending, only one striker ahead, what's the manager doing with the recent formation? This is not the "Championship Manager" that you playing on the computer. How are you going to face the fans? I just felt so sad because the fans can't do much to make a point to the club, I wished the fans can do something. But I'm sure the shareholders and the elders of the club will feel something this season. We can forget about this season as what Steven said. All the best Liverpool FC, I still love you...

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