Sunday, October 15, 2006

Adapt to new enviroment

I’m still trying to get use to the new working environment. No instant messaging now, no yahoo mail, Hotmail, and there’s really very little time for me to blog during office hour. I need to readjust my daily schedule again. Now I have to wake up at 6am Monday to Friday, really early. Previously I woke up at 715am. Now I have to sleep earlier. I’m got tired easily recently so I need to do something about this new working environment. Well, if the environment changes, either I change myself or I change my environment again. I’m considering both. Anyway, now I just want to re-evaluate my strength and weakness, keeping improving my network knowledge, keeps increasing my energy level and taking my spirituality even higher. But I’m not really happy of the haze condition in Singapore, it’s getting worse. I see June’s health is getting worse, some cough, flu, bad ulcer. Western medicine is not helping her so I bought her to see TCM, hope she will get better tomorrow. Please keep her in your prayers.



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