Monday, October 23, 2006

Eng Seng Pepper Crab Time!

Went along to Eng Seng to eat crab despite of my terrible blocked nose and cough. Of course one of the reasons is the crab there is simply delicious, mm-mmm! They have both the Singapore popular chili crab and pepper crab though they are famous for their pepper crab. I thought what made their pepper crab different from others is probably in their sauce. I believed they have mixed in dark sweet soy sauce with grounded peanut and of course, black pepper. Definitely the crabs have to be healthy, fresh and BIG! The pepper sauce is spicy but amazingly it did not cover up the taste of the crab meat probably it's because of the grounded peanut also. That's why both big plates of crab were finished nice and clean by all of us! June especially love the crab legs for some reasons. I don't understand, there's not much meat there. Celine is exploring ways to efficiently manage the crabs while Justin is simply having fun! I had a good time too. We even saw Vincent Ng there. Aiyah! Why I didn't brought along his book to let him autograh. And I can also comment about his writing. I wrote about his book in August. You can read it here if you are interested on exercising. ( Anyway it was a great time, I believed no one will regret eating the crab there. By the way, I forgot to tell you, the place only opens in the evening, and it is always packed with people. People usually have to queue up from 30minutes to an hour to get a table so be there early. Strange thing that day, we don't even have to queue, and the crabs were plenty. Something tell me it must be the haze. But still the haze is not going to stop us from eating such delicious crabs! Just watched the video below and you will know!

Eng Seng Restaurant 241 Joo Chiat Place
(junction of Still Road and Joo Chiat Place)
5pm - 10pm closed on Wednesday

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