Monday, October 09, 2006

Adidas Factory Outlet in Novena Square

Last week while I was waiting for Ronald in Novena Square, I found an Adidas factory outlet. I was so excited because they were selling items from the previous 2 seasons at a much discounted price! The shop is located at #02-30/32 beside the MPH bookstore. They really have many good items, men’s, ladies’, bags, tons of shoes, all kinds of sports wears. The best thing is they are having at least 30% discount on every item in this store, some even have 50% discount! I bought 2 jogging singlet and they only cost $12.90 after discount, and I also bought June a top and a pair of exercise pants for her Hip-hop sessions starting tomorrow. (YES, she’s learning how to dance, I’m so happy, finally she starts to exercise.) The bad thing maybe they may not have your size if you size normal. But if you were to go there regularly, I’m sure you’ll be able to get something you like. So if you want to start exercising seriously, get the right set of apparel here. I’m sure you will feel more motivated to exercise and reap better results.



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