Thursday, August 24, 2006

Keep fit!

Don't feel like talking about politics today, so I would share the stats with you when I feel like it, or you can read about it at . Today I just feel like I need to stick to a workout routine so that I can keep fit and consider fit by the age of 30. I'm 27 now, age is catching up and so is illness. I'm happy with the swim and tennis game I have with David and Justin every saturday but I thought I need to be more tough on myself, anyway I'm "Bruised". Thus I'm going to re-read my many Bruce Lee's materials and also this new Vincent Ng's Ten that I just bought. I hope I can find some motivation and inspiration. I hate my love-handles and flappy tummy. I need to tonne up and strengthen all my muscle groups, especially my lower back, I don't want to be so weak when I'm old. And please pray for my knees not to give way when I start my jog again. Hate to run but it's good for me. I remember I just learn a verse that talk about this, Deut 10:12-15. BTW I love the recent deep teaching on the Bible that my church is having. It's challenging for both my brain and heart but you know what, just like my physical training, it's all for my own good!

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