Friday, August 25, 2006

Customer Service

I just came back from Hong Kong and it was a great trip. Though it was really hot there, 33°C and it’s dry hot, not much wind, so you can really feel the burning heat, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves. I saw tones of tourists in Hong Kong especially most came from China. I’m amazed by their spending power. Hong Kong’s customer service was fantastic. Even a small shop could have good service. I’m very impressed by their Giordando’s service; their staff is even equipped with walkie-talkie to communicate with each other. They are friendly, efficient, patient and giving very good advice. Compared to Singapore, totally no fight. Our sales assistants are quite stiff and not genuinely sincere, either you can say they are not trained by their boss, or they simply are not happy with what they are not doing(refer to my previous post), or you can say because many of them are from our neighbor up north so they just can’t be bothered. I thought it was quite stupid for Channel 5 to do a program to test our customer service, everyone knows our customer service is bad or its robotic. The show will of course portray the better ones. Even our PM is encouraging the customer service to have an identity, ‘cos we only know how to say “what can I do for you”, simply robotic. I sometimes wonder why I’m also like this. Is it how Singaporeans are brought up or simply because this society here runs in a legalistic and robotic way following the military. Maybe we can try to find out the root reason why Singaporeans are always not genuinely happy, probably this root reason may also be the cause of low Chinese birth rate here, lack of creativity, tons of office bullies, am I just jumping into conclusion? Let me know what you think.



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