Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Long Day

I felt so tired today. Went all the way to customer's site in Tuas to setup a Cisco router and a network camera in a warehouse. My job is just to configure the router but my cable vendor has a tougher job of laying the cable. Initially had a tough time setting up the internet then realise the ISP got the static IP and gateway wrong, what in the world! Wasted my time. Anyway, glad it's over. Now in Kovan, somewhere in NorthEast of Singapore. Don't think I ever come here before. It's a small town, quiet, nothing much, with a small mall called HeartLand Mall. Now in McDonald surfing net, blogging my day down since I'm waiting for the rest to come. Gonna have a Bible Study later, hope this friend will open his heart for God again. So sad that his insecurity has caused him to have lots of doubts in many things in life. His life is full of questions but no actions. Sometimes I'm also like him, think too much, ask too much irrational questions, thinking these are some deep philosophies but actually are all crap. I'm slowly converting my thoughts and questions into deeds. It's not easy but I'm glad that God has somehow lead me to Him and that I have made a stand to seek Him. Much more to learn in life. BTW I want to welcome a new life, Jolyn, daughter of Weiwen and Eileen! Congratulations! Now Weiwen you can train both your arms, ha!

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