Friday, March 07, 2008

The Beginning of Me

I think this is the picture of me when I'm around 1 year old. I also think this is the oldest picture I have of myself. It's funny 'cos I always think that I'm not my parents' biological child just because I do not have any baby photo of myself. It's only recently that I manage to find this picture. Once I looked that this picture, some nice memories (and bad memories) started to flow back. I remembered my old flat at Clementi. The texture of my sofa and that yellowish curtain. It's so retro and 'in' then. Of course, it's the 80's! I actually remembered that T-shirt I'm wearing and that striped pyjamas pants. I thought my father always like to buy me anything that has to do with heroes, not some kiddish spunch bob square pants like now. Probably my dad wants me to be some hero. There's actually another picture of me sitting in a bambo chair where I can properly have my meal, 'cos at the same time, I'm tied to the chair. I think I was really active when I'm that small but I thought who isn't!

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