Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I thought I could do better by writing more frequently but I must say I was really tired everyday plus the super tight and acitivity packed weekend, I'm so drainned this few days. Plus working in this mashmallow man company, I couldn't use the internet much, totally not effective in communicating with people. Anyway, went to Seremban over the weekend for mission, it was awesome to be able to get away. I will try to have another page for this. Today is just to talk about the misadvaneture I had when we came back from Seremban. On the way back, we thought of having a different place for dinner instead of the usual City Square in JB. So then during the toilet break, the drivers (my beautiful wife, Jason, Justin, Victor) decided to go Batu Pahat, somewhere in Johor, even though none of us have been there before or heard what;s in there. Since I always hear people mentioning this name, so I thought it's going to be fun. But when we took the Yong Peng, Sagamat, Batu Pahat exit coming from North, it seems like we started a never-ending journey to no-where! After going into the exit, think we took at least 30 mintues before we can see a town-like area. Then we are lost, we don't know where to go, what to eat, ask some not very useful directions, in the end we gave up and settle with a open eating area that serves some "Singaporean food". I know Wandy, Millie and Victor had a super tiny kebah(turkish burger, wrong spelling), got conned, really pathetic. After that we drove in the rain and Victor's car went running out of battery, we were so afraid that his car will break down anytime on the highway and in the rain! Thank God that it wasn't in His plan. So we went so far, nothing much to see in this big town, and nothing much to eat, so poor thing. Well, it's not really true, it's just that we made a miscalculation and so a misadventure. I'm sure there are things to see and eat there, just that before that we need to do some homework. Amazingly I'm able to find some info on this place on the internet! So I won't tell people not to go there, I would just tell them to do their homework first before going anyway!

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