Thursday, January 04, 2007

Generous Friends

TingHsin gave me Jay Chou's latest album for my Christmas. It's a bit late but I really appreciate it. Though I must say that I do not have much of a thing for his songs. And the only song of his I tried to sing was his "Fearless' soundtrack which in my opinion, I didn't sing too bad, ha! Anyway, still, I do like some of his songs like the second song "Listen to your mother' on this album, it's quite nice. Funny, he has a few songs all relating to mothers. Anyway, I do appreciate what TingHsin did for me, he's always so generous. I thank God that he put a few generous people in my life, like my dad, TingHsin, Pieter, and Jason. TingHsin always sponsored our meal and drinks, so is Jason. Jason always buy my drinks until some times, I just felt embarassed. He would also initiate to give people a treat as a reward to encourage people to improve in their running. Pieter would easily share whatever he have with people. Of course he share almost everything with Desmond. And he is always happy about it. Of course I benefitted greatly from their generousity but still I learnt that I too have to learn to be generous. You just make the person's day when you did something gernerous for that person. Of course, all men should learn to be generous. The ladies are all looking out for this very important point in a man. Not just about buying gift but also about being thoughtful. Well, Tang please take down notes here.
I wanted to be more generous but everytime when I want to give, I always think about what I have left or do not have. I hate being stingy or calculative. But being thrifty is a different thing. I need to know how to balance between thrifty and generous. But I always must remember to give is always a joy and a pleasure. After giving, seeing the smile on people's faces is also a joy and a pleasure.

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